Business in the Area

Ojo Encino School

The Ojo Encino BIE School was built in 1952; trailer units were first used as classrooms and a office. The school started with only 17 students. A pick-up truck was used for transportation for the 17 students. The school had three staff, one teacher, one driver, and a single cook. When the first chapter was built in 1954, the chapter facility was used as a classroom. Then later in the few years to come, Ojo Encino Day School was built into a school facility, within a few yards of the chapter. To this day, a demolished flat surface takes place of where the old building was built. To this day, a new school is actually being used. In 2010,the new school building was built, which teaches children from grades to Kindergarten to 8th Grade.



Health Services

The Department of Behavioral Health Services is located a few yards southeast of the Chapter. The first building that stood was deteriorated over years until in 200, a newer building was built. To this day it is run with the help of the staff to provide counseling, alcohol and substance abuse counseling and many others. For more information please contact them at (505) 731-1500.

Senior Center

Few years ago the Chapter was used as half, while the other half was used as a senior center, where seniors were able to participate in activities and would eat. Until 2003, the Senior Center was moved into a portable that was brought within the Chapter land and which is used still today. The program is run by the Supervisor Gilbert Antonio, the Senior Center Driver Charlene Toledo, and the Senior Center Cook Lillian Smith. For more information call (505) 731-1503.